Our story


Our Mindful Youth is an Occupational Therapy and Art Therapy business based in Geelong West.

I started this work after reading an article about a young girl who had become so disconnected

from herself and from others, that her fundamental sense of not belonging progressively led to

her committing an awful crime. This young girl was raised in a loving family, however due to so

many of her needs not being tended to throughout her childhood and adolescence, she remained

disconnected from her world and had consequently reached breaking point before entering a

state of psychosis. This story broke me, and also woke me up. It showed me the importance of

seeing, listening to, and understanding someone’s true self, in a way that shows them that they

belong in this world. I vowed to create a community based on this important truth, so that’s

what I did. 

Throughout my own personal life and my work as an Occupational Therapist, I have witnessed the

power of being “mindful”, or as I like to call it, aware. This is the concept that the “Our Mindful

Youth” name is based on; supporting our clients to become mindful of themselves and others, and aware of their inner and outer world. 

Our focus as Occupational Therapists and Art Therapists, is social and emotional wellbeing. The vision behind our work is to support children, adolescents and adults to express and process their emotions, and empower them to develop skills and tools that allow them to live a fulfilling life. 

Our Mindful Youth first opened its doors to clients in October 2019. Our work is based on the vast research available showing that as humans, we are far more ready to learn and develop skills when we feel calm, grounded, and have a sense of purpose to complete activities or tasks. Art Therapy allows our clients to explore themselves and improve their sense of self worth and belonging, as well as process past experiences and / or trauma. Within our sessions we incorporate meditation, yoga, art making, play and music in order to set the scene for a calm environment and better support our clients to ground themselves in the present moment. These factors combined allow our clients to participate in our sessions with a strong sense of self and purpose, whilst feeling grounded and ready to learn new skills. 

Welcome to our online space,

Tessa (founder)